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Join us for the first edition of NJ MODA WEEK JUNE 3rd to JUNE 5 2022. NJ MODA WEEK is hosted by Fanny Abreu founder of Fanny's Modeling Academy, with the only purpose of bringing our Fashion community and entrepreneurs in NEW JERSEY / NEW YORK together.  We will start June 3rd with a ward dinner Gala, June 4th we are hosting an art exhibition with talents from NJ and last but least June 5th we will end the week with a fabulous fashion show where designers and brands will  showcase their collections. NJ MODA WEEK IS HERE TO STAY!


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The Full Story

My name is Fanny Abreu CEO of FMA (FANNYS MODELING ACADEMY) and   NJ MODA WEEK. I've been in the fashion industry for more than a decade, 16 years to be exact.  I started as a model at the age of 13, participated in fashion shows, tv commercials, reality shows, and did everything that I was Passionate about. When I opened FMA my main goal was to have an affordable modeling school in NEW JERSEY and boost all of my students confidence, that's my mission and till this day I feel my message "BECOME A BETTER VERSION OF YOURSELF" is making an impact within my models.


As an entrepreneur I know how hard it is to start a business or a brand which is why I decided to create NJ MODA FASHION WEEK, because for me its important to give back to THE FASHION INDUSTRY an industry that have giving me a lot. NJ MODA WEEK is the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs, new designers and brands to  showcase their work and  network with individuals with the same goals and priorities.  I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do. Welcome to the first edition of NJ MODA WEEK!

“LET'S GET  TOGETHER AND SHOWCASE FASHION WITH PASSION!”                                                                                                              -FANNY ABREU 


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